One of the most common meats that are smoked after ribs is pork loins, the smoky flavor and the tender meat in smoked pork loin is so soft that it melts inside the mouth. Pork loins are so famous in the smoked food business because they serve as great side dishes that can be added to and served together with appetizers.

Pork loin is a great dish and is basically a much larger cut than a tenderloin, also the price of Pork loin is a little much more than that of Pork tenderloin. In Pork loin entire fat in the pig is not removed but rather a little fat is present in it, it is this fat that makes the smoked meat much tenderer and requires less time and preparation to cook. Pork loins are very easy to prepare in the best electric smoker.

The first step in preparing Pork loin in an electric smoker is to brie the meat because pork is a tough meat and even if pork in overcooked it still is chewy so an essential part of preparing pork loin is to brine the meat because the salt helps in breaking down the muscles thus making the meat tenderer and less chewy giving an exquisite eating experience. The pork loin should be brined in a solution of kosher salt with a single cup of sugar combined with two to three cups of kosher salt, the meat should be thoroughly brined.

After bringing the pork the next step is to season the meat with one’s favorite type of seasoning but before seasoning one should apply some oil to the pork so that it becomes smooth, this step is necessary because it helps the meat retain its moisture during the process of smoking and prevents the meat from drying out.

After the application of oil to the pork loin, a good combination of spices, herbs, and sweet and spicy sauce will serve as a good type of seasoning. All the ingredients should be mixed in a bowl and should be applied to the tenderloin. After seasoning,  the pork loin should be allowed to rest for an hour or two so that the taste and the flavors of the spices and herbs permeate into the meat, giving it a unique taste.

After this step its time to preheat the electric smoker to 225 degrees F, then in the water tray of the electric smoker a mixture of water and apple juice in equal parts should be placed. After this, a combination of different types of woodchips or woodchips of one’s own choice should be added to the woodchip bowl of the smoker so as to give the pork loin a distinctive taste and a crisp smoky flavor. After this step, the chrome plated grates of the electric smoker should be oiled so that the pork loin does not stick to the surface of these crates.

In the smoker, the Pork loin should be placed in such a way that the fat side of the pork loin is upwards whereas the meaty side is downwards. Then the pork loin should be allowed to smoke in the electric smoker for a period of three hours, woodchips should be added to the woodchip bowl if smoke is absent inside the smoker, the temperature inside the pork loin should be 155 degrees F. After the pork loin is cooked it should be taken out then the meat should be taken out wrapped in aluminum foil for at least half an hour so that the flavor gets into the meat. Pork loin is ready to be served.…

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