One of the most common meats that are smoked after ribs is pork loins, the smoky flavor and the tender meat in smoked pork loin is so soft that it melts inside the mouth. Pork loins are so famous in the smoked food business because they serve as great side dishes that can be added to and served together with appetizers.

Pork loin is a great dish and is basically a much larger cut than a tenderloin, also the price of Pork loin is a little much more than that of Pork tenderloin. In Pork loin entire fat in the pig is not removed but rather a little fat is present in it, it is this fat that makes the smoked meat much tenderer and requires less time and preparation to cook. Pork loins are very easy to prepare in the best electric smoker.

The first step in preparing Pork loin in an electric smoker is to brie the meat because pork is a tough meat and even if pork in overcooked it still is chewy so an essential part of preparing pork loin is to brine the meat because the salt helps in breaking down the muscles thus making the meat tenderer and less chewy giving an exquisite eating experience. The pork loin should be brined in a solution of kosher salt with a single cup of sugar combined with two to three cups of kosher salt, the meat should be thoroughly brined.

After bringing the pork the next step is to season the meat with one’s favorite type of seasoning but before seasoning one should apply some oil to the pork so that it becomes smooth, this step is necessary because it helps the meat retain its moisture during the process of smoking and prevents the meat from drying out.

After the application of oil to the pork loin, a good combination of spices, herbs, and sweet and spicy sauce will serve as a good type of seasoning. All the ingredients should be mixed in a bowl and should be applied to the tenderloin. After seasoning,  the pork loin should be allowed to rest for an hour or two so that the taste and the flavors of the spices and herbs permeate into the meat, giving it a unique taste.

After this step its time to preheat the electric smoker to 225 degrees F, then in the water tray of the electric smoker a mixture of water and apple juice in equal parts should be placed. After this, a combination of different types of woodchips or woodchips of one’s own choice should be added to the woodchip bowl of the smoker so as to give the pork loin a distinctive taste and a crisp smoky flavor. After this step, the chrome plated grates of the electric smoker should be oiled so that the pork loin does not stick to the surface of these crates.

In the smoker, the Pork loin should be placed in such a way that the fat side of the pork loin is upwards whereas the meaty side is downwards. Then the pork loin should be allowed to smoke in the electric smoker for a period of three hours, woodchips should be added to the woodchip bowl if smoke is absent inside the smoker, the temperature inside the pork loin should be 155 degrees F. After the pork loin is cooked it should be taken out then the meat should be taken out wrapped in aluminum foil for at least half an hour so that the flavor gets into the meat. Pork loin is ready to be served.…

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  • Ninety-five grams of smoked haddock  
  • Half a big spoon of lime  
  • Half a big spoon of cream cheese 
  • One big spoon of sour cream 
  • Cayenne pepper 
  • pepper 


  • Take a small-sized pan, add some water to it, place the pan on your stove, turn your stove on and let the water boil, once bubbles start appearing on the surface add haddock to the boiled water and increase the level of heat, wait for about seven to eight minutes as after eight minutes it would start to flake and the color might be a little different, turn the stove off after eight long minutes and transfer the cooked haddock to some other container and once the temperature of the haddock reduces start removing the bones if it has any and the skin, do not forget to flake its flesh 
  • Now take a medium-sized bowl, add cheese to the bowl after cheese add cream, lime juice, cayenne and in the end top with pepper, once done adding all the ingredients to the bowl start mixing, you can use a spoon for this and if you wish to smoother texture then transfer this mixture to your food processor and blend until you get the right texture, once done serve with oatcakes. If you do not know how oatcakes are made then there is no need to get worried about this para is the oatcake recipe, ya you can thank us later. 


Oatcake Recipe- 


  • all-purpose flour 
  • oats 
  • bicarbonate soda 
  • butter 
  • salt 
  • sugar 
  • boiling water 

Instructions – 

  • First of all heat your oven to about one ninety degrees c and after this take a bowl and in that bowl add flour, salt, oats, soda, and sugar, once done adding all the ingredients, start mixing them together, Now add butter to the mixture and rub it, once everything is properly mixed you will realize that now your mixture replicates bread crumbs 
  • Boil some water and then add it to the bowl in stages, combine once you get a thick looking dough stop. 
  • Now go to your work surface and start with sprinkling some oats and some flour on it, once done with sprinkling roll your dough on it, use a cutter to cut the dough you can even use whiskey glass for cutting the right shape and if you wish to get the right size. 
  • Now take a baking tray and place your perfect looking dough on the tray, place it inside your oven and set the timer at twenty minutes, bake, after twenty minutes if the cake looks a little brownish golden then you are good to go and if not then set the timer for ten minutes, and bake again. That’s all with the oatcake recipe, it is quite simple, and it does not even take much time. If by any chance you make some extra oatcakes do not panic because you can easily freeze them and later when you wish to eat them put them right into your oven. 
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  • Two courgettes (use a peeler and cut the courgettes into some ribbons)  
  • Two big spoons of vegetable or olive oil (i prefer olive oil over vegetable oil) 
  • Pepper and salt according to your taste and preference 
  • water 
  • Two big spoons of honey 
  • Two sliced carrots 
  • Four tomatoes (plum) 
  • Half a cucumber 
  • Two chopped spring onions  
  • One shredded lettuce 
  • One big spoon of seeds of sunflower  
  • Olive oil (extra virgin) 
  • Juice of two lemons 
  • Two big spoons of truffle oil 


  1. Take a bowl and place the ribbons on it, add oil to it and use your hands to mix them together once done mixing add pepper and salt and again start mixing the ribbons need to be properly coated.
  2. Take a pan and place it on your stove, turn the stove on, heat your pan, once there is smoke add the coated ribbons to the pan but in batches, cook each side of the ribbons for about a minute (once brown transfer the cooked ribbons to a plate or a bowl).
  3. Wash your pan and then place it again on your stove, add water to the pan and boil it once boiled add sliced carrots to the water and boil them for about two-three minutes.
  4. Now chop all the veggies (tomatoes, onions, and the lettuce) once chopped place them in a bowl, add seeds to the bowl.
  5. Its time for dressing, add some extra virgin oil to the other bowl, now add truffle oil and lemon juice, mix well (use a spoon for mixing) 
  6. Now add cooked ribbons and carrots to your salad. That’s all.

Let’s make one salad which is super healthy and ridiculously easy to make, does not require a lot of ingredients as well 



  • You can go for green or brown lentils (make sure they are properly drained  
  • Diced cucumber 
  • Four halved tomatoes (cherry tomatoes) 
  • Two medium-sized chopped spring onions 
  • Two big spoons of  dressing  (go for the fat-free dressing) 
  • One big spoon of mint (make sure it is fresh and do not forget to chop it) 
  • Crumbled cheese 


  • Take a bowl and add all the chopped veggies to it once done adding all the vegetables add the fat-free dressing to the bowl, mix well (for mixing use a spoon), on the top add cheese and simply serve. 
  • Worried about from where you can get the dressing? there is no need to be worried because such salad dressings are easily available in the market you just need to find the right one for your salad because the market is full of different types of salad dressings. 
  • The best part about this salad is that each and every serving of it provides thirteen grams of protein and other than protein it provides the same amount of carbohydrate with protein and carbohydrate it provides one hundred and sixty-five kcal, it is not that high in fat as it only provides about five point five grams of fat and about four grams of fiber 
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Jalapeno Guacamole (Spicy) -Never get over the board while making this recipe,  I repeat never, simplicity is the way to the best jalapeno guacamole, do not over think just buy fresh ingredients and for the beginning begin with the ripe avocados. 

This recipe is highly customized in nature, how? some people like there jalapeno guacamole as super spicy and to make it that spicy they prefer adding extra jalapenos to the recipe whereas some prefer tartness and for it, they add extra lime, the flavor depends on how you wish for it to be. The most important thing that you need to keep in your mind is that you are supposed to add tomatoes to bowl only in the end and do not forget to save some cilantro you would require some of it for sprinkling on the top, in the end, Let’s get started with the recipe. 



  • Three pitted and peeled Avocados (ripe) 
  • Half Tomato 
  • Half Red Onion 
  • Chopped Jalapeno 
  • Two big spoons of Chopped Cilantro 
  • Half a Lime  
  • One small spoon Salt 
  • One small spoon Ground Pepper 


  1. Start with the avocados, first peel them and then pit once done take a medium-sized bowl and add the pitted and peeled avocados to the bowl, take a fork and mash the avocado with it, you can even use your hands if you do not want to use a fork for mashing.
  2. Time for some chopping, first take the onion and chop it, be careful, once done with chopping the onion take the jalapeno and chop it, after jalapeno chop the cilantro, once done with chopping all the veggies, take a medium-sized bowl and add all the chopped veggies to the bowl, after the veggies add lemon juice to the bowl and top with pepper and salt, take a spoon and start mixing (do not get the tomatoes just yet), you would have noticed that we did not chop the tomatoes when we chopped the other ingredients because we were not supposed to add tomatoes with the other veggies to the bowl(why? because if you add chopped tomatoes at the beginning then the texture oftyourguacamole would be wet which is surely not good), now chop the tomatoe once done with chopping fold it into other veggies( be gentle) serve it fresh and if you do not wish to serve it just now or wish to wait for your friends or family then cover the bowl properly and then place the covered bowl in your refrigerator. Before serving garnish using the remaining cilantro. 

As I said before do not over think and just follow all the ingredients, there is nothing complex in this recipe and hardly consumes time, once you are done tasting what you just made you will for sure fall for this recipe and you won’t even realize and this dish would become one of your favorites dishes as it is super easy to make, do not forget to show us with love by commenting down below. 

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