Concrete is everywhere in today’s date, how? it is used to make viaducts, sidewalks, bridges, and buildings but the thing that we all somewhere somehow know is that when the concrete is made a very high number of greenhouse gas is released in the atmosphere which contributes in climate change, the good news so far is that there are alternatives to this harmful material and below is a list of them, go through the list so that you can realise that there is a way you can contribute good things to the nature. 


  • Grasscrete

The name itself tells a lot about the product, it is a technique of 

laying the sidewalks, flooring, driveways of concrete in a way which leaves behind some openings which one can grow flowers and grass, there are two benefits of grasscrete, number one is that actually reduces the usage of concrete and the other one is that it offers an improved drainage and absorption of stormwater. 

  • Straw bale building

Bale easily replaces materials like plaster, stone, gypsum, concrete, fiberglass, and wood, bale reminds us of the time when people use to build their homes with natural materials, all one needs to take care of is the sealing one must seal the bale properly once properly sealed  

it provides insulation and on the other hand, it is highly affordable and is renewable as well. 

  • HempCrete

Hempcrete term itself tells a lot about what it is, it is a material which is similar to concrete but it is created from the inner woody fibers of a plant named hemp, bund it with the help of lime and as a result, you get shapes which are not only strong but also light, hemp blocks are of very lightweight in nature and it is also renewable. 

  • Rammed Earth

The feel that rammed earth gives is very much similar to the feel of a concrete sidewalk or flooring, all you need is dirt tamped tightly (of course in wooden forms), it is basically a technology which has been around for a thousand years now and the human civilization has been using it since then only, along with this to make everything more safe bamboos are used. 

  • Plastic (recycled)

Recycled plastic equals to a little bit of happiness now, why? because now you can use concrete without contributing to greenhouse gases, how? by mixing trash and plastic to the concrete, it would help to reduce plastic waste and greenhouse gas and other than this it even helps in reducing the weight. 

  • Plain Wood

how can we forget wood? we can easily use wood in place of steel and concrete, wood does not even require that much energy and easily be processed into products required for construction and we all know that woods are renewable in nature we just need to take care of the forests. 

  • Timbercrete

It is a material which is actually made up of concrete and sawdust, there is not much of transport emission because it is light weighted, you can easily make pavers, blocks, and bricks out of it.  

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I as a person hate throwing the fabric leftovers or any leftovers for that matter and I m very much aware of that fact that there are a lot of people like me out there, so for all the people out there who hate throwing things here are ten creative ideas which can save you the pain of throwing your leftover fabric.


  1. You can create adorable small sized wallets for your phone and all you would need is some fabric and some clips, attach them and you’re good to go, you will be proud of yourself and other than being proud your phone would stay safe.
  2. You can make a beautiful pouch using trim scraps all you would require for making adorable pouches are some pieces of cloth, some zips and that’s all, you can keep coins in your pouch or you can even gift it to some of your close friends.
  3. You can create belts for your dishtowels so that they do not fall on the floor all the time, all you need is some leftover fabric and velcro, the best part is you can really decorate them the way you want and once the belt is ready you can make some more for the purpose of gifting.
  4. You can make really adorable bracelets and for making the bracelet you would require some fabric and some marbles, all you really need to do is thetiethe scraps around your beautiful marbles, use multiple colors so that you can have one for each of your outfits. 
  5. You can even makechapstickholders with help of leftover fabric, add a keychain to it so that you do not lose it, making this holder won’t take more than five to six minutes. 
  6. The way you made a cover for your phone you can make one for your camera’s strap, go creative use multiple colors and patterns sew them together if you have a photographer friend then make one for him or her as well, they will for sure love it.
  7. You know you can make bookmarks using leftover fabric, you need some elastics for it and a little sewing, it would hardly take five minutes, you can make as many as you want, use different colored fabric so that your bookmarks can add some character to your book’s look.
  8. Apart from the bookmarks, camera strap covers you can even make napkin rings, make a lot of these with the help of fabric make for different occasions and seasons, make a complete set
  9. You can even make bows out of leftovers, just a small piece of fabric and some sewing that’s all is required and by following the same steps you can make one for every day, hair bows look amazing on little girls and they really love to have a lot of them.
  10. You can even make rugs for your mugs using leftover fabrics, cut a lot of pieces out of the fabric in a triangle shape and then place all the cutouts together at one place sew them.




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